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Massage Benefits

May 31, 2019

Massage Benefits


Research increasingly shows the importance of massage therapy in self-care 
routines. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage 
can help reduce pain, as well as relieve stress and manage anxiety. 
Reduce Pain: More than 100 million Americans suffer from pain, which costs 
the nation $600 billion in yearly health care expenses and lost productivity. But 
massage can help! A 2016 analysis conducted by the Samueli Institute found 
that massage therapy reduces pain, as well as improves mood and increases 
quality of life.
Relieve Stress: Everyone knows that massage is relaxing, but just how 
relaxing? A study analyzing trigger point therapy found that just a 10-15 minute 
chair massage can decrease heart rate and blood pressure!
Manage Anxiety: Massage can help with anxiety and depression. One 
randomized study looking at the effect of regular massage on women with 
early stage breast cancer found that it helped reduce anxiety and depression, 
as well as increased serotonin levels that regulate mood, hunger, sleep and 
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