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Adding security through safety measures

April 10, 2020 2 min read

Creating Sanitation and Safety Policies

We have learned a lot during this Global Pandemic, many new terms such as social distancing and flattening the curve. But what do those terms mean to your business and how do you create client security during the uncertainty?

Prior to re-opening take a look at what your current cleaning products and protocols are. This is a good time to check for out of date or expired products and ensure products you are using are up to EPA and CDC recommendations for combatting pathogens including coronavirus. This is a good time to re-train staff on proper cleaning techniques, proper use of disinfectants and proper use and disposal of PPE.

Post cleaning lists and time check lists for staff to refer to and complete twice hourly and in between client treatments. Cleaning locations should include:

  • Front desk-All surface areas and high touch items such as credit card terminals, computer keyboards, phones, pens, and clipboards. Consider having a clean pen and an unsanitized pen holders for customer use.
  • Cleaning common surface areas such as product shelves
  • Door knobs entering and exiting the treatment office, treatment rooms, restrooms as well as light switches
  • Treatment equipment including beds, practitioner chairs, steamers, light sources and magnifiers
  • Common areas such as breakrooms, tables, refrigerators, microwaves and trash receptacles

Most reputable spas and med spas have cleaning standards in place and should easily adapt to an increased cleaning schedule to ensure staff and customer safety. In addition to added cleaning and disinfecting you should continue with a daily deep cleaning schedule and rigorous treatment room cleaning between client services.

Guest safety and responsibility

Another issue to consider is the safety of your staff with having clients returning to your treatment locations. Consider an updated health and safety form for the client; Clearly state updated policies and client responsibilities (ex. Not being able to receive treatments if sick). Although many med spas and treatment locations have a cancellation policy requiring payment for a late cancellation, consider offering treatment credit in lieu of full service cancellation fees that may be used for the next service or converted to gift card credits. This creates an added message of “We care about your health and safety and the health of our practitioners”. Many treatment locations are requiring temperature screening upon check in as an added layer of precaution.

Overcoming Setbacks

While the shut down may have temporarily created a set back for many spa, beauty and treatment locations we know that one of the key elements to our valuable client relationship is communication. Our clients continue to return to our locations when we build loyalty. In the industry of being in close proximity, while assisting in stress reduction and pain management through treatments; Practitioners offer the opportunity not only to ease the client but to also build valuable relationships. While it is important for each location to send updates on closures and reopening information, therapists with regular clients can add personal touch by sendig welcome back emails or cards with updated hours and safety information. This industry relies heavily on relationships and trust and when a client feel valued they will continue to show loyalty by returning to your business.

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