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September 10, 2019 2 min read

As We Step Into Fall Let’s Explore Color Therapy

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Fall is in the air. It’s the time of year when leaves begin to change into beautiful shades of golden yellow, bright oranges and deep reds. Familiar scents of pumpkin and spices can be found everywhere. We often think of color when it comes to our food and nutrition choices but did you know the use of colors and colored lights are also used to improve and enhance physical and emotional well being?

Color is all around us. Color is in nature, in our homes, in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the entertainment we watch. Colors aren't just meaningless parts of our environment. Color can change the way we feel and react to different situations. Color therapy uses these powers of color to heal, energize, and soothe us.

What is Color Therapy?

In an article by World Wide Health, Color therapy is described as a holistic and non-invasive treatment performed by practitioners to bring health and balance to your mind and body. The vibrations of colors in color therapy sessions enhance your mood and improve your overall health. For example, if you are stressed, color therapy can help soothe you so that you can regain your emotional balance. This is why many treatment spas choose cool and soothing tones to allow their clients to relax on a deeper level. Alternatively, persons suffering from depression may benefit from brighter colors to create energy and invigoration.

How Color Therapy is used

Color therapists consider the way that we experience light and color when developing treatments. Colors are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as wavelengths and vibration. Our brain then interprets these wavelengths, making our perception of color a physical and sensory experience. Color therapy is based on the idea that colors create electrical impulses in our brains that stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our body; these processes either calm or stimulate us.

There are various types of color therapy sessions on the market and are based off a color wheel. As you begin your session, your color therapist will give you a color analysis. He or she will explain the effects of the colors and ask you about certain aspects of your life in order to use specific colors for the greatest benefits to you. Some spas combine color therapy and aromatherapy, while others immerse you in an environment dominated by one color. In some sessions, you'll get a massage while different colors of light are projected onto your body to stimulate healing and health. Additionally, spas may offer a treatment in which they place different colors of silk on points of your body that are said to control your moods and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Color Therapy

Color therapy has been used as complimentary therapy in treating things such as stress, depression, blood pressure changes, diabetes, inflammatory and lymphatic issues and weight loss.

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