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SmoothLock Face Cradle Set


The SmoothLock™ Face Cradle set includes both the PlushFit™ Face Cradle Pillow and the SmoothLock™ Face Cradle Attachment. Combined, this set offers the most comfortable, durable, and flexible face cradle set in the industry. The PlushFit™ Face Cradle Pillow provides both comfort and excellent support, as it molds to the shape of any face. The SmoothLock™ Face Cradle Attachment slides and locks into place easily, and has both angle and height adjustment.

Works with the following models:

  • Siena (mt518)
  • Siena Elite (ft528)
  • Denali (mt517)
  • Denali Elite (ft527)
  • Solstice (mt515)
  • Solstice Elite (ft525)
  • Lumina Elite (fc398)