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ENSO Crisp Microblade


The TATSoul ENSO Crisp Microblade series is a joint venture collaboration between TATSoul and renouned PMU artist Roxanne Crisp. Working together tirelessly to fine tune needle specifications and an innovative grip with smudger tip handle. The Enso Crisp Microblade is primed to be the best tool in the industry.

Made with trusted TATSoul Japanese steel ENSO needles. These microblades introduce a pre-set 17 degree angle blade which allows for effortless strokes without obstructing your view. The ¾” contour grip provides unique ergonomics that allow artists to work free of joint or tendon pain.

The wave patterned silicone grip provides unmatched comfort while the applicator tip puts you in control of pigment application.


  • Artist collaboration - Tested and configurations selected by Roxanne Crisp
  • Japanese medical grade steel - Chosen for precision & strength
  • Protective Shell Cap - Prevents needle
  • Individually packaged and EO sterilized 
  • 3/4" Non-Slip Contour Grip - Patterned
  • 17 degree pre-set angle grip
  • Available in U Blade or Angled Blade
  • 10 pc/box