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"We here at Elysian Salon & Spa in Rochester Hills Michigan, use your Comfort Soul Elite facial bed for all of our Esthetics clients. We are very pleased with the reliability, functionality, appearance of the product we have. We plan to expand in the future and will certainly use the ComfortSoul line in all of our esthetic rooms. Our clients also love the comfort and size of this bed."

Svitlana Helvey
Elysian Salon & Spa
Rochester Hills, Michigan


"Comfort Soul without a doubt has the highest quality of health and spa equipment. My clients are so comfortable, that most of the time they forget they are at a spa, and fall asleep! That to me is a compliment, but the icing on the cake is the outstanding customer service. That is what sealed the deal for me. I had the good fortune to deal with Amy, and my experience from A-Z was a breeze. It's like buying a bed for your home, you want to be sure, and she allowed me the ability to relax and trust her. She held my hand and coddled me like a baby, and I not only bought one bed but two. The proof is in the pudding, EVERYONE IS HAPPY, AND I FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE THIS NEWS!"

Marianne Kehoe
Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio
Studio City, California


"I love my ComfortSoul spa table. I treat many VIPís and celebrity clients that expect only the best. With ComfortSoulís high quality and luxurious styles I was able to give my clients just that. I did a lot of research and found with your company, you had the most reasonable price for what you get. It has been a great investment to my business. Thank you for making such great products and having great customer service."

Stephanie Vived
Vived Spa
Beverly Hills, California


"My medical Spa business is located in Anchorage Alaska therefore shipping and handling can be a nightmare but Sharon May from Comfortsoul made the experience a dream. Sharon investigated the best price for shipping, which was very reasonable, also very impressive was the packaging and handling of my Lumina Elite. Detailed care went into the packaging to insure no breaks or dents. My Lumina Elite arrived on time and in pristine condition. My experience beginning with the detailed online information, friendly staff and professionalism made this transaction run smoothly. Thanks to all at ComfortSoul."

Meilyn Urling
Signature Esthetics
Achorage, Alaska


"My ComfortSoul table is like having a personal assistant. I get the client on the table and then it does all the heavy lifting. My clients think it is the most relaxing table and that it must have cost a fortune. It is my little secret that it was priced so reasonably. My ComfortSoul table makes my job so much easier and a pleasure to do even the most tedious services. I love my ComfortSoul bed. Thanks again for such an awesome product.Ē

April Jacek
Hands For Hire
Alameda, California


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