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Pedicure Chairs

We’re proud to offer the highest quality, most affordable pedicure chairs and furniture to our customers. The ComfortSoul Pedicure line is the perfect balance between firmness and comfort for you and your pedicure client. TheComfortSoul UltraPlush™ Cushioning System and DuraSoft™ Upholstery in our pedicure chair selection is designed to provide the maximum amount of support while a client is receiving a pedicure, yet is comfortable enough to feel relaxed. In addition our removable foot bath is made of copper, an antimicrobial material that reduces the spread of bacteria. Our pedicure chairs include fully adjustable back, arm and foot rests to ensure complete comfort and versatility. Finally, the appearance of our pedicure chair selection is honed from state of the art design that balances beautiful modern designs with soft neutral colors.

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