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Facial Accessories
Carts & Trollies
Facial Accessories
Facial Accessories
Facial Accessories
Facial Accessories
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Facial Accessories
Esthetician Chair (Ivory)
Face Pillow Linen
Lumina Elite Caster Wheel Base (WHITE)
Universal Paper Roll Holder (Black)
Foot Remote 1 Control
Foot Remote 2 Control
Foot Remote 3 Control
Hand Remote 1 Control
Hand Remote 2 Control
Hand Remote 3 Control
Detachable Armrest (1inch)
Detachable Armrest (3inch)
Detachable Face Cradle Pillow
SmoothLock Face Cradle Set (Ivory)
Detachable Pillow
Detachable Face Cradle Neck Pillow
Detachable Face Cradle
Vivace Styling Stool (Black)
Vivace Styling Stool (Ivory)
Ultra Plush Terry Clothe Linen Set (Thick)
Ultra Plush Terry Clothe Linen Set (Thin)
Full Half Round Bolster
Full Round Bolster
ComfortSoul accessories are the ideal complement to your ComfortSoul line of furniture. We offer the most comfortable cushioning systems on the market, at reasonable prices. Our full array of bolsters are made from the same quality material and upholstery that our chairs are made of, so they will look and feel the same way as our plush chair, table, and bed tops. Linens are specially made for ComfortSoul chairs for a perfect fit, and blend perfectly with the seams of the chairs. The soft terry clothe material of our linens are soft to the touch and perfect for clients coming out of a wet treatment.
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