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Massage Beds

ComfortSoul knows how important it is for your spa to reflect style, quality and comfort, through your salon and spa equipment . This is why our product lines strive for that perfect balance of ergonomics, stability and stylish design. Whether or not your clients have a superior spa experience depends on how comfortable you make them, and that depends on the quality of your day spa furniture . ComfortSoul never cuts costs by using second-rate materials.

ComfortSoul massage beds are made from the highest quality materials, providing comfort and support for the massage clients in your facial spa. Our massage beds and massage tables have the same plush top as our facial tables and beds. The flat tops of these beds offer clients unprecedented support in every position they choose. The innovative headrests are made from ultra-soft material to provide the best possible comfort in a face-down position. The massage tables, chairs and spa beds we offer include a variety of stationary and lift systems, providing the ultimate in adjustability and stability. Consider adding a spa massage chair or bed to round out your collection of ComfortSoul spa products.

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