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Model: dfc100ni
Price: $50.99
Availability: IN STOCK

The PlushFit™ Neck Pillow offers the most comfortable padding in the industry. It provides both comfort and excellent support, as it molds to the client's neck. The back of the neck pillow strap has velcro that allows it to attach to the SmoothLock™ Face Cradle Attachment. By adjusting where the velcro attaches on the neck pillow strap, you can adjust where it rests on the table.

Works with the following models:

Siena (mt518)
Siena Elite (ft528)
Denali (mt517)
Denali Elite (ft527)
Solstice (mt515)
Solstice Elite (ft525)
Lumina Elite (fc398)

Warranty Information:

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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