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Day Spa & Medical Spa Equipment

At ComfortSoul we understand that your spa seeks and deserves beauty equipment that reflects your style, craft and quality. Like you, our research and design department knows that a superior spa experience is dependent on the comfort of the client and thus, the comfort of the chair. Our products comprise the perfect balance of quality aesthetics, ergonomics and stability that is sure to please you and your clients alike. In a ComfortSoul chair, your clients will feel at home; with our individualized customer service, so will you.

Quality is our priority. ComfortSoul never cuts costs by using second-rate materials with the medical spa equipment we offer. Rather, our products are offered to you at such affordable prices because we are the direct manufacturer. By cutting out the middleman, we not only pass the savings on to you but we also have full control of the quality of our products and proudly take full responsibility to guarantee your satisfaction. As the direct manufacturer, our goal is to create a design that complements your spa's luxurious image in both appearance and comfort.

Beneath the surface of our high-quality vinyl and high-grade polyurethane foam, lay the results of some extremely technical and innovative engineering. ComfortSoul prides itself in creating sleek and stunning chairs that are made to last. Unlike other manufacturers, our engineers utilize industrial-strength steel (not cheap aluminum) to reinforce our seat hinges, and the thickness of our wood surpasses that of any of our competitors, ensuring its strength and durability. When you invest in a ComfortSoul chair, you invest in the image and longevity of your own business.

We simplify the process by guaranteeing that your day spa furniture will arrive in one piece, in the pristine condition that people have come to expect from ComfortSoul. Our being featured in reputable programming, such as L'Oreal Redken training videos and Miami Ink (the hit Discovery Channel/TLC television series) verifies the national recognition and growing demand for ComfortSoul products.

Customer Service is exceptional whether you place an order online or by phone. The goal at ComfortSoul is to make your shopping experience quick, easy and comfortable. With our award-winning website and E-commerce engine, your online purchase is the safest and quickest way to get your new chair. Loaded with detailed specs of every model we carry, you have the ability to browse, compare and purchase your ComfortSoul chair with a few simple clicks. All transactions are securely and instantaneously made through our automated processing system. Pending availability, your order is immediately routed to our warehouse and usually shipped within 2 to 3 business days.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is trained to answer any question you may have as a potential, new or returning customer. Our goal is to aid you in both the purchase and user process, so do not hesitate to call us and speak to a live customer service or sales representative Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (PST).

Price and Promise are intrinsically linked at ComfortSoul. While our prices range from $479-$2199 per chair and are thus accommodating to any level of spa service and budget, our promise of guaranteed quality and satisfaction remains the same at any price. Accepting all major credit cards, money order, or checks, the company has several payment options available.

Distributors: Personal attention is also provided to meet the individual needs of all ComfortSoul distributors. Marketing materials are available through our in-house advertising and design teams, established to assist our distributors in creating custom-collaterals (ads, flyers, brochures, etc.) that will reflect the quality and design of ComfortSoul.

Quality Medical Spa & Beauty Equipment

With your talent and our products, your clients will be returning to you for years.

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